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Radio & Television Mentions.

The Wire magazine - April 2002

I understand that deadlines come up on you quick, but... Do you even spellcheck your magazine? You seem to have misspelled "Nine Inch Nails" and obviously replaced the words "pro-cloning" with "anti-cloning". We could nit-pick some more, but what's the point? They spelled Snuggles right didn't they?

"The wonderful Dictionaraoke website, set up by the Negativland-loving New Media collective Snuggles, offers a collection of MIDI versions of records like Van Halen's Jump , Joy Division's Closer and Elton John's Don't Go Breaking My Heart with vocals by talking dictionaries like Encarta. Right there beside them is a version of Culturcide's The Heart Of Rock 'N' Roll Is The Profit , complete with an anti-cloning rant at the end by the digitised lead singers." - The Wire, April 2002

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