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One entry found for Song Of The Week.

Snuggles Artist: Pimpdaddysupreme
Original Artist: Weezer
Song Title: "tired of sex"

Pimpdaddysupreme - Weezer - "Tired Of Sex" : MP3

Song of the Week

May 20th, 2002

Wow. 100 songs.

Something that started as a side project for Snuggles has so rapidly grown into America's new time waster. Making all of you accomplices in the illegal download of MP3's!! (all at once, now... "Oooooooooohhhhh!!) So, to celebrate, and to hopefully further the tradition in a new light, we present this "spankin' new" Dictionaraoke tune using the oft ignored American Heritage Dictionary. It's amazing we've gotten this far without someone using it, but leave it to Pimpdaddysupreme to conquer virgin territory.

Here's to another hundred, Bob willing, and remember...

Take it easy on The American Heritage Dictionary, it's his first time.

Download this Now and Enjoy!!

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